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TopStitch tailors understand what you need
we can re-style and re-shape coats, jackets, suits, dresses, skirts
we know different fabrics need different alterations method and special machines.



Shorten pants, dresses, jackets, hems and sleeves, dress straps and much more. All your clothes can be shortened in the original way at TopStitch Alterations. Pants normal hem $15.9.

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For jeans, trousers, skirts, jacket sleeves, dresses, we can lengthen most garments that are too short for you.

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LET OUTletout

You may notice that some fashion garments may have the right length but the jacket sides are restricting your breathing or the pants waist is too small.

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TAKE INtake in

Being petite comes with one downfall; some fashion clothing sizes are too big. A size 6 in one fashion store can be a size 8 in another fashion store or they don’t even stock your size.

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DRESS MAKINGdressmaking

Our dressmakers specialise in creating beautiful wedding gowns, dresses, suits, costumes and more.

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TopStitch specialise in resizing your garments to fit your exact body shape and size. Instead of buying a new wardrobe every time your weight fluctuates, you can wear your favourite garments again.

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Our tailors can repair broken zippers and buttons on any garment. Visit our store to repair seams that have torn or if you need holes patched up to extend the life of your favorite clothing.

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WEDDING ALTERATIONSwedding-alterations

Our tailors will give you the perfect fit on your special day by altering your wedding gown to fit your exact body shape and size so you look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day.

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RESTYLE AND REMODELrestyle-and-remodel

A great way to follow the current season’s fashion trends without breaking the budget is through restyling your existing wardrobe. Or maybe you just want to change your image style.

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LEATHER AND SUEDEleather-and-suede

Leather and suede garments are difficult to take care of and also costly. Our tailors work with the best equipment and material to ensure your garments are taken care of in a professional manner.

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INVISIBLE MENDINGinvisible-mending

Fix tears, holes and burns on your favorite garments with our Invisible Mending service. Individual threads are taken from the unseen interior fabric of the garment and one by one are rewoven to fix the damaged areas.

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We provide Embroidery Services with a quick turn around time, our staff utilize machines and materials especially designed for embroidery providing high quality embroidery results.

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DRY CLEANINGdry-cleaning

TopStitch knows the value of your clothes, offering a service that ensures your clothes are treated with care and professionally laundered every time.

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BLIND HEM WITH TAPEblind-hem-with-tape

Jazz up your wardrobe through our hand stitched embroidery. We can hand stitch pearls, beads, quills or sequins to selected areas of your garments, instantly updating them.

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Ask our staff about taking your measurements for custom made fashion to order. We can take your measurements for that bridal gown order or you can visit our CBD shop for the complete package.



Monday – Friday

9:15am – 6:00 pm


10:00am – 5:00pm




Get $5.00 instantly. We are glad to see you here!


Top Stitch Alterations is able to quickly establish a strong reputation as being experts in producing superior quality alterations to suits and Professional Clothing.