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Steal the Show with Altered Suits and Bridal Dress on the Wedding Day

Altering the dress of the bride and the groom is a big deal before the wedding day; after all, it is an occasion for the lifetime, and nothing should go wrong. Both the bridal dress and the suit for the groom should be a perfect fit for the couple to look beautiful. Most of us only bother about altering bride’s dress for the big day, but even men’s suits need alteration. Suit alterations in Sydney are done by professionals who tailor-make the suits for men. In a man’s dress, the shoulders are extremely important. Most people we know actually check the fit of the dress by the shoulders. Therefore, it is useful to know that linebacker shoulders are not relevant today.

Suit alterations Sydney

The Golden Rules for Suit Alterations

Each and every suit requires altering 3 aspects:

• Shortened sleeves
• Tailored trousers
• Suppressed waist

Like other bridal alterations in Sydney, these three primary areas need altering almost all the time.

Shortened Sleeves

A majority of suits usually have sleeves that are too long for the individual going to wear it. Ideally, it should measure between ¼ inches and ½ inches of the shirt cuff. This displays the hands when they are placed in casual mode. This will end a little below the wrist of the hand from where the palm starts. This is classically the length of the sleeve. Having perfect sleeves obviously, makes a big difference in your personality.

Hemmed Trousers

Trousers available at the market are also too long around 38 inches for every man. Of course, it requires alerting. Now, the question arises whether the trouser will be cuffed or non-cuffed. Cuffed pants appear traditional while the non-cuffed ones are more modern in appearance. It is also important to wear the trouser at the proper height. Next, comes, the break of the trouser. Here, it is a matter of personal choice, and the groom can choose from full-break to no-break at all. A full-break trouser will reach the heel of your shoe while the later one ends at the beginning of the shoe. Choose carefully depending on your height and body type.

There is also a mid-way known as half-break. This is shorter than the full style and longer than the no-break pattern. These trousers generally have a fold at the hem allowing it to rest on the cuff meeting the shoe. These look good with pleated pants, flat front pants and also with cuffed ones.

Suppressed Waist

With this, we come to the final aspect of altering a suit for the wedding. This is basically done to enhance the “V” shape in a man’s body. It is not very difficult, and you can get it done easily by measuring your waist properly. This also aids in hiding any flaws around the waist and stomach area while making you appear like Mr Universe on your wedding day. You will look like the ideal masculine man stealing the show on the big occasion.

Thus, altering suits can be very significant to look great and perfect on the wedding day. Just like the bride, the groom must also feel like a celeb on the big day of their lives.


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